Advertising : Ad Blockers, Yahoo block, rebound, Advertising Needs An Overhaul

by Fred Showker

NO ADS | NO TRACKERS | NO MALWAREOnline social media update from DTG Magazine In our last update we saw some new technology and a lot of arguement uproar on the marketing front. Seems ad blockers are a good thing, and it also seems ad blockers are a bad thing. The problem arises when the advertising broker is sleezy and greedy, and the publishers don't have time to pay attention to how they're getting screwed. And there ain't nobody getting rich (to coin an old phrase) except the advertising hoars. We wish them well, and only hope that they're not making your web page suck.

  • The Ad Blocker War: How to Stay Out of It and Remain Profitable
  • James Murdoch Says Digital Advertising Needs An Overhaul
  • Yahoo Locked Some Email Users Out for Having Ad Blockers
  • Could Ad Blocking Really Dampen Democracy?
  • Ad Blocking Part 2 — Publishers Fight Back

Yahoo email hostages
Yahoo Locked Some Email Users Out for Having Ad Blockers

Over on the Adblock forums some users are reporting that, upon logging into Yahoo Mail earlier today, they were greeted with the above message, asking them to disable their ad blockers. If Yahoo decided to expand this effort, it would be an escalation of the growing tension between ad blockers and the companies that depend on ads to survive.
Here's the Full Story Full story : New York Magazine

[EDITOR'S NOTE : just as well. You don't want to be on the Yahoo system anyway, and we recommend you switch. They've been caught multiple times purveying evil script ads, stalkers and out-right false advertising. We warned you about false advertising back several years ago, then again in my 60-Second Windows #322. Yahoo.mail needs to go away. ]

Could Ad Blocking Really Dampen Democracy?

Of course Ad Age will be on the front row -- looking out for their own interest. So . . . true or false :
      In a recent interview with The Intercept, Edward Snowden suggested that everyone should use ad blockers as a means of privacy protection. He may not realize that some think ad blockers could actually be the death knell for democracy.
CAREFUL : AdAge is teaming with screen spam and stalkers.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Advertising Age

The Ad Blocker War: How to Stay Out of It and Remain Profitable

There is a war going on in the advertising world. It’s a war between publishers and advertisers against those who make ad blocker software.
      Companies in every industry are being affected negatively by the ever-growing usage of ad blocking software. Declining ad revenue is leading companies that are founded on advertising to pursue a variety of legal and technical tactics to keep showing their users’ advertisements.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Business 2 Community

James Murdoch Says Digital Advertising Needs An Overhaul

Digital advertising is stuck in the dark ages and needs to catch up, says 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch.
      At a summit hosted by The Paley Center for Media, the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch urged the advertising industry to be more innovative and inventive in the way it reaches consumers now that ad-free subscription services like Netflix are giving advertisers a run for their money.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Judah Robinson Media Fellow, The Huffington Post

Ad Blocking Part 2 — Publishers Fight Back

Ad blocking isn’t a new technology or trend, but thanks to Apple’s recent iOS 9 announcement, ad blocking has hit the mainstream hard and fast. Ad blocking — the action of removing or altering advertising content on a webpage — has been dominating news feeds, articles, and blog headlines for months. The second the name Apple was mentioned in the same sentence as ad blocker, it set off a firestorm and struck fear in the hearts of even the hardiest of organizations.
      The ones most affected by Apple’s recent announcement are publishers and media companies who get as much as half of their mobile traffic from Apple’s mobile browser.
Here's the Full Story Full story : Alex Schwartzwald

Nobody's right if everybody's wrong!

Advertising has been affronting the consumer for over a century. Why complain today? It's not the fact that there are ads, it's the way ads are purveyed. Once upon a time an ad was an ad. Those ads were okay. But when Madison Avenue and greedy programmers go together it became something more than just ads. They took on a life of their own. Big Advertising decided it was going to squeeze every last dime out of the new invention called the internet. So they gave away the store, and developed newer and more incideous ways to take people's money. That's when advertising became not okay.

Tune in next time for more . . . Ad Blockers and Web Advertising Sucks

UGNN SafeNetting Again I caution -- be careful what you click, and where you click. Sites these days expose you to all kinds of malware, phishing, stalking and predator links. Careful of those little popups in the text, (Usually with two green underlines) and be suspicious of any links, ads, or graphics that say "download" or "enter your zip code" or other intrusive information. Protect yourself at all times!

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