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SongStumblr v2.0A new form of musical interaction, allowing users to share and discover music from people across the globe. With SongStumblr v2.0, users can listen to discovered songs for free, purchase songs, or find information about songs from online databases. SongStumblr's new servers bring the world's music to your device, allowing you to discover music from people across the globe.

SongStumblrBuilding on the previous geosocial element, users now have the ability to enter 'global mode' which we believe will change the way music is shared and discovered on the iOS platform. The application asks for a username, which can be anonymous, and to choose a country to represent a user's location. We have requested for this data because we strongly feel the 'geosocial' element of SongStumblr needs to be restored, allowing users to acquire a global sense of musical taste.

After this data has been filled in, our server automatically shares whatever the user is currently listening to and downloads, all in the space of a few seconds, a list of ten random songs from our other users. This list automatically refreshes after a minute, but it can be manually refreshed if the user does not like what songs are in front of them. This list gives a quick and easy way to discover music.

When discovering music, a user will see a song's name and its artist, as well as the username of the person listening to this song, and a graphical flag, representing the user's location. This way users can easily comprehend the global element of the application, which we are trying to stress, for music has been instilled in humanity for thousands of generations, and it is only natural to want to share our own to the world, thus SongStumblr's purpose.

Users can still control their own music whilst running the application with a custom controller or can access other music controls by running the application in the background, using multitasking. SongStumblr automatically shares the user's song and their profile is updated when users change what they're listening to.

As well as 'global mode', the user is prompted to enter 'nearby' mode. This mode allows users to share out and discover music to devices within a 60 foot range, adding a geosocial element to the application, for one can gauge what genres of music are popular in certain areas. 'nearby' mode will always be run and allows for a new, unheard of, way of finding and sharing music, solely based on location.

SongStumblr's groundbreaking feature is that the user can listen to discovered songs for free in the application's embedded media player. The user can purchase the song from the device's iTunes Music Store or can get information on their discovered song through the use of online databases such as Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Bing and more, without ever leaving the application.

The user also has the option to keep discovered songs by saving them to an offline database. Sticking to the geosocial theme of the application, a user can find out additional information about a saved song, such as the username of the person they discovered it off, or the discovery's geocoded location. Songs can then be viewed on a map layout based on saved GPS data. (iPod touches use Skyhook for this).

SongStumblr 2.0 is now free (with no ads) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. It will continue to stay free, encouraging users to find music in a new, revolutionary way. Please visit the app's website for more information about SongStumblr, including a promo video, screenshots, and further description of its features. Contact us for a promo account if you're a reviewer.

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Frimby Limited is a company new to the App Store and hence is bringing fresh ideas to the market. Founded in early 2010, it has been working on its first application, SongStumblr, for the past few months from its offices in London, UK. For more information, visit Frimby online. Copyright (C) 2010 Frimby Limited. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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