Vintage Holiday Vignettes copyright free images and resource art on CD-ROM

by Fred Showker

All kinds of Holiday Clip Art Whether you need to whip out a quick newspaper ad, set up a banner for the mall, order up holiday tshirts, or decorate holiday cards and decorations, you'll need some resource materials that are copyright free. The wonderful clip art collections that include Vintage Holiday Cuts are low cost, and provide the ready-to-go creative spark you're looking for.

Full-Color Holiday Vignettes CD-ROM and BookDover holiday pictorial CDs and Books

Splendid collection of over 300 appealing holiday images - all top-quality graphics from rare sources -- offers busy commercial artists, graphic designers, and craftworkers an inexhaustible supply of hearts, flowers, cupids, flags, eagles, pumpkins, black cats, witches, Easter eggs, Christmas trees and other festive motifs. Printed one side only with acid-free paper and ink. One reviewer said:

Quoting  begins I absolutely love this varied selection of holiday clipart. You can use all types of graphics to jazz up your personal items. Quoting  ends

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Merry Christmas CD-ROM and Book

Dover holiday pictorial CDs and Books

Deck the halls - and everywhere else - with designs from this festive treasury.
      Nearly 300 original motifs in both black-and-white and color include images of jolly elves, angels, reindeer, wreaths, and Santas of every shape and style that will help you put together your seasonal projects and enliven your Yuletide decorations.
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One reviewer said :

Quoting  begins I love this book. So many adorable images, it's hard to choose which to use first. The images are very sharp. Great book for crafting projects and printing. Quoting  ends


Enjoy these samples from the above books... click to view enlargements

Free holiday clip 062_christmas_01 Free holiday clip 062_christmas_02 Free holiday clip 062_christmas_03
christmas_01 christmas_02 christmas_03
Free holiday clip 062_christmas_04 Free holiday clip 062_christmas_05 Free holiday clip 062_christmas_06
christmas_04 christmas_05 christmas_06
Free holiday clip 062_easter_01 Free holiday clip 062_easter_02 Free holiday clip 062_easter_03
easter_01 easter_02 easter_03
Free holiday clip 062_easter_04 Free holiday clip 062_july_01 Free holiday clip 062_july_02
easter_04 july_01 july_02
Free holiday clip 062_march_01 Free holiday clip 062_march_02 Free holiday clip 062_march_03
march_01 march_02 march_03
Free holiday clip 062_march_04 Free holiday clip 062_new_year_1 Free holiday clip 062_new_year_2
march_04 new_year_1 new_year_2
Free holiday clip 062_november_01 Free holiday clip 062_november_02 Free holiday clip 062_november_03
november_01 november_02 november_03
Free holiday clip 062_october_01 Free holiday clip 062_october_02 Free holiday clip 062_october_03
october_01 october_02 october_03
Free holiday clip 062_october_04 Free holiday clip 062_october_05 Free holiday clip 062_october_06
october_04 october_05 october_06
Free holiday clip 062_october_07 Free holiday clip 062_october_08 Free holiday clip card_detail
october_07 october_08 card_detail
Free holiday clip card_detail_2 Free holiday clip card_ideas Free holiday clip card_ideas_2
card_detail_2 card_ideas card_ideas_2
Free holiday clip cartoon_illustration Free holiday clip coloring_panels Free holiday clip cover_art
cartoon_illustration coloring_panels cover_art
Free holiday clip decorations Free holiday clip happy_reindeer Free holiday clip line_art_clips
decorations happy_reindeer line_art_clips
Free holiday clip line_art_fireplace Free holiday clip spot_illustrations Free holiday clip thumbnails
line_art_fireplace spot_illustrations thumbnails
Free holiday clip z_book_back    

Check out the Publishers' Warehouse for hundreds and hundreds more samples that are actually ready to use! And, please don't forget ... we encourage you to share your discoveries with other readers. Just send and email, contribute your own reviews of your favorites!

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