Creative Tidbits #232: Extraordinary type, Google type, doors, design and more!

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative tidbits

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration In this issue we have another video, a rather interesting look at Google's entry into the typography world and we'll return again to visit Jim Parkinson. There's a gallery and a tutorial of sorts. Have fun, and don't forget to send in your discoveries to share with DT&G readers!

  • Google + Monotype: Noto Project’s unified font for all languages
  • A collection of Art Nouveau doors from around the world
  • Design a Typographic, Movie Themed Magazine Cover
  • Meet Type Designer Jim Parkinson

A collection of Art Nouveau doors from around the world

creative inspiration

If you the Vintage News, then by now you have surely noticed their mild obsession with “Art Nouveau”, the gorgeous turn of the century style that makes everything look lavish, elegant and decadent.
      So, go visit their virtual museum of doors -- Source Steve Cadman on Flickr
Creative inspiration
Creative Tidbits see this extraordinary blow-up!

Design a Typographic, Movie Themed Magazine Cover

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You've seen this cover design a hundred times.
      With loads of interesting fonts, it doesn't take much time or talent to set up this kind of layout. But here's a tutorial for beginners to basic typography within Illustrator.
Creative inspiration
Creative Tidbits see more . . .

Meet Type Designer Jim Parkinson

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We featured Jim Parkinson in our 20th Annual Fonts Festival , and have returned today for a quick visit.
      Parkinson has worked as a typeface designer and lettering artist for over three decades. His work has appeared in print advertising and on book jackets, packaging, album covers, posters, billboards, movie titles and signage.
      Parkinson designs typefaces primarily for print, rather than electronic display, so how they look on paper is the key factor in determining a successful effort. he says

Quoting  begins Display type is my forte ... That’s what I do best. It’s type with tons of personality. Quoting  ends

Jim Parkinson: creator of new, old letters for digital technology.
Creative inspiration Jim Parkinson at Type Design
Creative Tidbits A Huge Collection of type from Jim Parkinson

Google + Monotype: Noto Project’s unified font for all languages

Google’s bid to connect the world with its services is a multi-faceted effort that spans mobile services, search, maps, connectivity, devices and more. But today, it’s the company’s efforts in the world of fonts — perhaps one of the less celebrated, but still central, parts of that ambition — that is having its day in the spotlight.
      Google, in partnership with font specialist Monotype, has taken the wraps off the Noto Project, a five-year collaboration between the two to create a typeface that applies to any language that now offers a single font style covering more than 800 languages and 100 writing scripts.
Creative inspiration Ingrid Lunden for

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