DT&G : Design, Type & Graphics for August 2015

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 25, #08 ~ August

Graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, typographers, digital artists and everyone in the creative fields around here are looking forward to summer!
01 June and July and the livin' was Easy
02 Hats off to Lynda Weinman and Lynda.com
03 60-Seconds #326 : Fools Gold - web advertising
04 The Art of Maxfield Parrish
05 Creative Tidbits #193: Logos Good and Bad, Posters, promotions and more
06 Pop up some sideline income by popping up Logo Pop for FREE
07 Creative Tidbits #192: Ask Tog, Site Tweaks, Infographics and Creative inspiration
08 60-Seconds #325 : Should graphic designers have social responsibility?
09 60 Seconds #324: Getting a job in the Web Design field takes a little more than an email
10 Marketing Update : marketing hacks, marketing sins, marketing myths and more and more
11 Mosaic-Crop in Posterino for your next montage will amaze you!
12 There's a new Media Browser in town, and it's awesome
13 Web designers who discover the sandvox are in for a nice treat
14 August : End of summer, gateway to the fall
August 1, 2015

DT&G : Design, Typography & Graphics for January & February 2015

  • Black History Month
  • Creative Tidbits #186: Valentines Madness
  • CREATIVE Tidbits : Valentine's Do It Yourself
  • Final Call for the 2015 Hillman Prizes in Journalism
  • 60-Seconds #318 : What will happen to your digital estate when you're gone?
  • Ted Leonhardt: Ten Interviewing and Negotiation Tips for Creatives
  • Promo, Promo Slow Month Blues
  • 40 Visions of Royalty, Kings and Queens, Kate and her Prince Charming, Queen Elizabeth
  • Valentine's art pages and clip for young and old alike!
  • Start your year off right with Photo Apps for iPhone and iPad
  • 1,800 high quality commercial fonts now available from MacAppware
  • Turn your photos into gorgeous, high-quality gallery wraps for professional presentation
  • Automating Grayscale conversions is now easy with Monochrome
  • Free Adobe Muse Templates and Widgets are Available on the New Website
  • FTP transfer of non-compressed folders : use Deliver Express
  • Designing Women are coming
  • & Else : A new year of news, views and reviews
  • What does February Mean to You?
  • January 15, 2015

    DT&G : Design, Typography & Graphics for December 2014

    DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 24, #12 ~ December

    1. Greetings and welcome to December and the Holidays!
    2. 25 awesome examples of fantasy illustration from The Golden Age of Illustration
    3. Photoshop Madness : in the holiday spirit from dimwits to families to snow globes and others
    4. 429 Professional Photoshop Styles - never make styles from scratch again!
    5. Are you being held hostage by Adobe? InDesign? No more!
    6. Candy Canes, Bells, Ribbons, and Santa : Adobe Illustrator vector files for the Holidays!
    7. 60-Seconds #317 : Goodbye SpamCop
    8. Typography : many styles and combinations make this a true vintage collection!
    9. Typography : Adorn your designs with borders, banners and catchwords collection!
    10. Counting on your support
    11. A Quarter Century online ... and more
    12. December 1, 2014

    DT&G : Design, Typography & Graphics for September 2014 (PART ONE)

    01 Hello September and kick-off of the 20th Annual Festival
    02 This Year's Fonts Fest Poster
    03 20th Annual Fonts Festival : fonts, lettering and typography surf
    04 Fonts, lettering and typography surf TWO
    05 Fonts, lettering and typography surf THREE
    06 Photoshop Fonts, type, lettering effects tutorials Madness
    07 Major bundle : 1000s of PSD and Ai files for pennies each
    08 P22 respecting traditional typography values with today technology
    09 60-Seconds #156 : Freelancing Pitfalls
    10 JumboZilla: Thousands of Super Premium Design Resources
    11 Marketing Update : End of Summer, on to big marketing season
    12 Creative Update 178 -- Design, Typography and Graphics for September
    13 &Else: Photo Editing App Insta Split for Instagram Released
    14 &Else: Perfect Auto-Updating Photo Frame Using Unbound And Dropbox
    15 PART ONE ... keep watching for PART TWO September 1, 2014

    DTG : Design, Typography & Graphics for August, 2014

    01 August Back to SCHOOL
    02 Photoshop BACK TO (Design) SCHOOL Madness
    03 60-Seconds #313 : Google Link Removal schemes raise a lot of questions
    04 Let me send you $391 for back to school
    05 Reading for fun, learning and graphic inspiration
    06 600 Vector fonts for
    07 Creative Update #177: Creative tips, tricks and inspiration
    08 1,800 vector illustrations, typographs, logotypes,
    09 Creative Update #176: Creative tips, tricks and inspiration
    10 7 Essential Tips and Tools for Graphic and Magazine Design
    11 Design vector elements for infographics, textures, backgrounds, cartoons and devices
    12 Classic Vintage vector design elements, ornaments, cartouches, illustrations and devices
    13 Logo Builder for thousands of quick, profitable, quality logos
    14 MyBrushes Unique Painting Tool for natural media painting!
    15 Author Steven Heller on design responsibilities
    16 5 Steps to a Stand-Out Website
    17 A Designers Education
    19 Good learning ... August 1, 2014

    Photoshop BACK TO (Design) SCHOOL Madness

    1406 Photoshop Madness

    Well, as you know, all good things must come to an end ... so it's true with Summer giving way to fall ... time for some true Photoshop Madness . . . and since many of you are working on "Back to School" promotions, here are some very cool files to get you going

    • Create a Bulletin Board With Realistic Shadows, Part II
    • Create a Handmade "Back to School" Style Postcard
    • How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Printables
    • School Doodles Brushes in simple drawings
    • Vector Back to school Background
    • Back-to-school psd clipart
    • . . . and MORE
    July 25, 2014

    Design, Typography & Graphics News for AUGUST 2013

    Design & Publishing Center NEWSLETTER
    Vol. 23, #8 - AUGUST, 2013
    What's here:
    02 Getting ideas and design inspiration by looking at unusual beer bottle label designs
    03 Product labeling and packaging study for inspiration and design ideas
    04 Best books for learning Design, Typography & Graphics
    05 Photoshop (Video) Madness for Back to School
    06 Tutorial: Using Adobe Photoshop to Draw a Paint Brush
    07 PSD Tutorial : 4 dotted line drawing methods in Photoshop
    08 Natural Newborn Baby Photography: A Guide to Posing, Shooting, and Business
    09 60-Second Window #300 : Junk Mail Names
    10 Jordan Rudess brings musical apps to the iPad or iPhone that WOW the world
    11 Creative Graphic Design: Learning Design, Typography & Graphics
    12 Creative Inspiration: Sagmeister Happy Show, Design for Good, Awards and more
    13 Creative learning: Harry Potter design, HOW Design, UCLan Graphic Design, and Awards
    14 Modern Photo Editor for iOS: Full Resolution Image Editing to 8 MP
    15 &Else . . . News, Views & Reviews
    16 ALERTS POSTED : Protect yourself and friends from online evils
    18 August is racing toward the fall . . . August 1, 2013

    DTG News for August 2012

    Join our annual "Back to (Design) School" issue, for lots of learning opportunities and resources ... this issue includes :
    01 August: Back To School
    02 Tutorial : Easy magazine cover in Photoshop
    03 Photoshop (EDU) madness
    04 Photoshop (AUGUST) Madness
    05 Photoshop CS6: Filters for Lens Distortions
    06 10% OFF Colin Smith's PHOTOSHOP CS6 ROADSHOW
    07 Adobe InDesign CS6: Paragraph Composers & Tabs
    08 EDU : Use the Field Blur Filter in Photoshop CS6
    09 EDU : Collect for Output for Adobe Illustrator CS6
    10 EDU : Effects in Adobe InDesign CS6 : Transparency
    11 EDU : Adobe InDesign CS6 : Paragraph & Character Styles
    12 EDU : Expanding Your Photography Portfolio
    13 EDU : Nikon DSLR learning, training
    14 60-Seconds : My apology to all our readers
    15 Cloud Rendering for 3D Artists and Architects
    16 Script Arsenal for Photoshop
    17 Marketing Update : Back to (Design) School
    18 CREATIVE Tidbits : Awards to Crowdsourcing
    19 &ELSE News, Views & Reviews
    20 18th Annual Fall Fonts Festival
    21 Have a great August August 1, 2012

    Creative Tidbits: rare visions

    Creative experiences abound! Seeing the excellent works of others inspires creative exploration . . .
    * international moleskine sketchbook exchange
    * Children's drawings painted realistically
    * Branding for Threshold Furniture
    * Natalie Shau bewitching the eye
    * Paule's Color Palette Harmony
    * Embracing '90s typography
    * What Is Motion Design
    ... and more creative inspiration! December 14, 2011

    Creative Tidbits: Design & Art

    The creative tidbits column moves into the holiday season with news from the creative community and some entertaining creative spirits . . .
    * Graphic artist takes his designs to the slopes
    * Winners of 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards
    * Company preserves "dying art" of printing
    * Making His Own Mark, Once Again
    * Good design, for fun and profit
    * Art just for shits and giggles
    * Girl Guide cookies
    ... and more creative inspiration! December 7, 2011