Ultimate Halloween Masks as created with Photoshop

by Fred Showker

Download these Photoshop and Illustrator text styles Just imagine if you could decorate real people as well as you can in Photoshop. Well, you can. Which of these were done for real, and which were done in Photoshop? You can probably guess them all. Of course there are tens-of-thousands out there on the web. We just thought these, sent in by readers, would be fun to share.

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all_sewn_up black_beauty chess_head
all_sewn_up black_beauty chess_head
day_of_dead hands_helmit ice_storm
day_of_dead hands_helmit ice_storm

This may seem like it's easy. But just try to think about how you would start to paint the real face of a person to match your Photoshop concept! Not so easy. But once you've done it, please don't forget to send us a photo to show everyone!
Happy Halloween!

For now, thanks for reading . . .

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