SCAD Students Rising to the Challenge : 3D Paper Product Design

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3D Paper Designs from SCAD How many times have I raved about folded paper and 3D paper projects? If you're going to fold anyway, why not make it epic? When Yavne, Israel sent me this coverage from the Savannah College of Art and Design, I knew I had to pass it along to you!

Highcon invited students at the Savannah College of Art and Design to take part in a 3D Paper Product Design Challenge. Students from all years, and from all of SCAD’s locations (Savannah, Atlanta, Hong Kong and students studying online) majoring in Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Jewelry, Illustration, Fashion Marketing and Management were invited to form teams to participate.

The aim of the challenge was to produce the most innovative, feasible, and applicable product that they could design, in a way that would demonstrate clearly the amazing benefits of the Highcon digital cutting and creasing technology. Different projects and ideas were well researched and implemented on substrate supplied by Iggesund Paperboard and digitally finished on the Highcon Euclid.

62 teams and over 140 students participated in the challenge and submitted original designs.

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, VP Marketing at Highcon said:

Quoting  begins The SCAD students showed not only creativity but also a keen sense of design for the real world. We could see how their imagination and originality enabled the creation of products with a strong “wow effect” but also an applicable use case determined by a market need. The winning products will be displayed on the Highcon booth at drupa – the print and packaging show to be held at the end of May 2016. Quoting  ends

Professor Trudy Abadie-Mendia, SCAD Professor of Graphic Design said:

Quoting  begins The Highcon 3D Paper Design Challenge was a wonderful opportunity for our students to collaborate in designing unique paperboard solutions in a short amount of time. This was a cross-campus collaboration using our online platform as the main form of communication. For many students, this was a first. We are quite impressed with the results of this Challenge! Quoting  ends


1st Place – Twisted Tea

A multi-functional tea package design that includes a box for the individually wrapped teabag, whose wrapping is used to remove the tea from the mug, a box to hold all the teabags and a tear-off strainer. By Ariana Akmal, a Senior in Advertising & Vanessa Khattar, a Graduate of Luxury & Fashion Management.


2nd Place – Joyful vitamin box for children

A package for daily vitamin tablets for children that is not only educational but also interactive and fun to collect and play with. Each individual pack folds into a character. The packaging was designed so the child looks forward to finishing the tablet in order to play with the character and add to his collection By Kanchan Dawani, a Sophomore in Fashion Design, and Neha Mardi, a graduate of Industrial Design

3rd Place - Galaxy Lightbulb

A custom package for single LED light bulbs. The inset of the bottom panel floats and protects the bulb and acts as a base to stand on display shelves. It also leaves the bulb threading exposed to allow consumers to screw the bulb into light sockets without removing it from the packaging. Pinholes in the shape of different constellations, pierced on each panel, projects a starry night when lit in a dark room. By Ken Macalino, a Junior in Industrial Design and Madison Gross, a Senior in Graphic Design.

Two other runners-up tied for 4th place for designs with great potential – a highly imaginative shoe box by Kyra Donka, Madison Muhlbaier, Anton Arvidsson, Freshmen in Interior Design, Fashion Marketing & Mgt & Interior Design; and a light puzzle projector by Mark Murphy, Mohini Khadaria, Juniors in Advertising and Graphic Design


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hiconAbout Highcon -- Founded in 2009 by Aviv Ratzman and Michael Zimmer, Highcon has developed a truly innovative digital cutting and creasing solution that is transforming the post-print market. The Highcon Euclid offers converters and printers design flexibility, and rapid speed to market, while eliminating costly production steps and reducing carbon footprint of label, paper, folding carton, and microflute production. Launched at Drupa 2012, the Euclid is installed at customer sites in the USA, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Highcon is represented by channel partners and a dedicated sales force.

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