Vintage Holiday Vector Clip Art and Embroidery Designs

by Fred Showker

Adobe Illustrator Vector Files for the Holidays This classic collection of vector clip art and embroidery designs is not only very low cost, it's all completely editable. So the base collection becomes a limitless collection of potential original art that you create in Adobe Illustrator or your favorite vector editing program. Okay -- the second package says it's for Machine Embroidery, but designers can easily see there's an entire collection of color palettes and inspiration there, even if you don't actually use the first file!
      Whether you need to whip out a quick newspaper ad, set up a banner for the mall, order up holiday tshirts, or decorate holiday cards and decorations, you'll be able to create your own clip art with the creative spark you're looking for.

Christmas Vector Motifs, Clips, Icons & Cartouches

Thanksgiving clip, coloring and vintage art

Santas, candy canes, snowflakes, and other traditional motifs fill this highly versatile compilation of 300 holiday images. These secular designs capture the distinctive styles of the mid 20th century, the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and other historic periods.
      Each vector graphic comes in EPS, SVG, JPEG, and PNG formats. . . . Paperback by Alan Weller includes DVD with all art and files.
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Christmas Vector Clip Art for Machine Embroidery

Thanksgiving clip, coloring and vintage art

Fast-forward to the fun part of machine embroidery with this gallery of ornaments, wreaths, Santas, trees, and other holiday motifs. Eliminate the time-consuming efforts of finding and copying patterns from elsewhere with the 100 motifs in this CD-ROM and book set, which are optimized for embroidery digitizing software. Use your creativity to personalize each design by selecting size, colors, stitch types, and other elements. The book offers a visual index of the designs, showing each one in black-and-white and in different color combinations. Each design is offered on the CD-ROM in both JPG and EPS formats.
      Compatible with all major brands of embroidery software, these meticulously processed digital files assure accurate, self-contained stitch patterns. The suggested motif colorways are specified for threads made by Isacord; color conversion tables for other manufacturers are on the inside covers. The files can also be used in print and web projects.
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Enjoy these samples from the above CD-ROM... click to view enlargements

holiday_vector_collect0001 holiday_vector_collect0002 holiday_vector_collect0003
holiday_vectors 1 holiday_vectors 2 holiday_vectors 3
holiday_vector_collect0004 holiday_vector_collect0005 holiday_vector_collect0006
holiday_vectors 4 holiday_vectors 5 holiday_vectors 6
holiday_vector_collect0007 holiday_vector_collect0008 holiday_vector_collect0009
holiday_vectors 7 holiday_vectors 8 holiday_vectors 9
xmas_clip_embroidery_1 xmas_clip_embroidery_2 xmas_clip_embroidery_3
xmas_clip_embroidery_1 xmas_clip_embroidery_2 xmas_clip_embroidery_3
xmas_clip_embroidery_4 xmas_clip_embroidery_5 xmas_clip_embroidery_6
xmas_clip_embroidery_4 xmas_clip_embroidery_5 xmas_clip_embroidery_6
xmas_clip_embroidery_7 xmas_clip_embroidery_8  
xmas_clip_embroidery_7 xmas_clip_embroidery_8

Check out the Publishers' Warehouse for hundreds and hundreds more samples that are actually ready to use! And, please don't forget ... we encourage you to share your discoveries with other readers. Just send and email, contribute your own reviews of your favorites!

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