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by Fred Showker

Vector art from Dover

Dover vector art collectionsMost of you know by now that we love the DOVER collection of ready-to-use-art, and pictorial archives. If you frequent the Publishers' Warehouse loading dock, you've probably already seen some of the hundreds of full-page, downloadable samples we've stashed there. So, in celebration of our "Love Design" month, I've got an extra special treat for you -- vector files. That's right -- for the past year or so, Dover has been hard at work converting many of their most popular and favorite collections to vectors! They've kept the prices very low, in the Dover tradition, yet vector files now bring you the same art in flawlessly created EPS, SVG, JPEG, and PNG formats. You know what that means -- they're ultimately editable! Unlike pixel-based digital images that often cannot be re-purposed, vector graphics can be enlarged, clipped, cut, flipped, re-sampled to any size or colorization without the loss of clarity or quality.

This month, we're proud to present a whole collection, including the EPS files at the loading dock. But folks, the prices are so unbelievably low, you can certainly afford to go directly and click to buy the titles below and forget about downloading a few samples. All these books come with printed samples, tutorials and the EPS files jammed onto a CD or DVD!

922 Decorative Vector Ornamentscover

This collection features 922 versatile Vector-based borders, cartouches, scrolls, and spot illustrations. Sources for these unusual, attractive graphics include Greek vases, Byzantine mosaics, German wood carvings and ironwork, and Persian tiles. CD-ROM and Book (Enlarge Cover)

Art Nouveau Vector Designscover

At the turn of the 20th century, Art Nouveau design blossomed with undulating patterns of luxurious swirls, curves, and highly stylized images. This collection of 203 Vector-based illustrations beautifully captures the period in an amazing assortment of functional forms. Includes a gallery of design ideas and a complete tutorial section. (Enlarge Cover)

Art Nouveau Vector Motifscover

Borders of lush, intertwined flowers, spot illustrations of stylized women, and more: here are 300 arresting vector-based graphics in one of the most popular period styles. Images are processed for the highest quality and offered in EPS, SVG, JPEG, and PNG formats. A bonus application software is also included. (Enlarge Cover)

Victorian Vector Designscover

Lavishly detailed and embellished with floral motifs, interlocking vines, or mythical figures, this selection of authentic Victorian-era illustrations offers 200 Vector-based designs featuring a marvelous mix of banners, borders, scrollwork, frames, and more. Accompanied by a gallery of inspiring ideas and step-by-step tutorials, these royalty-free designs will stay crisp even when enlarged. (Enlarge Cover)

Celtic Vector Motifscover

This compilation features more than 300 vector graphics: mythical beasts, circular and square spot illustrations, and more, all graced by the intertwined style of ancient Celtic artwork. With the supplied image-editing software, users can easily manipulate the high-utility graphics without losing clarity. Files can be enlarged, colored, patterned, textured, skewed, sheared, and otherwise customized and are offered in EPS, SVG, JPEG, and PNG formats. (Enlarge Cover)

Floral Vector Designscover

Bouquets of chrysanthemums, roses, and cherry blossoms, plus fantasy flowers found only in the garden of the imagination — this spectacular array of floral illustrations will be a perennial favorite for designers. Includes a gallery of inspiring ideas, tutorials, and 200 Vector-based images that can be increased in size without losing quality. (Enlarge Cover)

Floral Vector Motifscover

In this high-utility collection, 304 attractive floral vector motifs feature a variety of design styles, from Art Nouveau to Arts & Crafts. Using the application program included, designers and crafters can increase the size of the images without limits, plus add color, patterns, or textures, and manipulate the graphics. Graphics are saved in EPS, SVG, JPEG, and PNG formats. (Enlarge Cover)

Chinese Vector Motifscover

Butterflies, dragons, birds, fish, flowers, and more: the most popular Chinese motifs are now available in versatile vector formats. Graphics are included in four different formats each: EPS, SVG, JPEG, and PNG. With the enclosed image-editing application software, designers and crafters can easily enlarge, color, pattern, texture, and customize the images to suit their needs. (Enlarge Cover)

Classic Stained Glass Vector Designscover

This treasury of over 200 stained glass images includes styles that encompass everything from geometrics to florals, many based on actual Tiffany designs. Vector-based for clear enlargements, these illustrations can be transformed into eye-catching windows and mirrors. Plus, with the 24 textures provided, you can fill the images with actual stained glass colors and patterns. (Enlarge Cover)

Geometric Vector Designscover

This dazzling collection presents a kaleidoscopic array of stars, circles, triangles, octagons, and other geometric shapes that repeat, connect, and cascade into patterns of geometric beauty. Features include a gallery of design ideas, tutorials, and 227 Vector-based images that can be enlarged and manipulated without loss of quality.

Fantasy Vector Designscover

An eclectic mix of images handpicked from ancient texts, architectural details, rare pictographs, and other sources features approximately 200 vector-based motifs. Images of dragons, wizards, fairies, elves, and other creatures from myth and legend can be manipulated without losing image quality. CD-ROM includes texture fill patterns for use in Adobe software. (Enlarge Cover)

Samples and downloadable vector files

Yes, the Design-Bookshelf guys have loaded nearly 100 full page samples, along with vector files into the Publishers' Warehouse for your enjoyment. But like I said above -- you could spend a lot of time downloading those, or you could just spend a few minutes and a few bucks and buy the full book of printed samples and tutorials along with the CD full of vector files just by clicking the titles you like from above. We'll have more as the weeks go by, but for now, get started and enjoy!
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