Design Giants Glaser and Bernard Produce Human Rights Magazine

by Fred Showker

60-Seconds looks at HUMAN magazine What if you enlist the talents of world-class graphic designers with the Hellman-Hammett program for aiding writers to address some of the toughest human rights issues around the world in a magazine? Many writers throughout the world continue to risk their freedom, and often their lives, by refusing to remain silent in the face of repression. HUMAN is the publication, and this issue is designed by Milton Glaser and Walter Bernard!


Milton Glaser and Walter Bernard have designed the second issue of HUMAN, the Human Rights Watch magazine. The issue is devoted to freedom of expression and the Hellman-Hammett program for embattled writers, which Human Rights Watch has overseen for 25 years.

Drawing_Fire_in_Burma Glaser and Bernard have produced an energetic, quick-read publication, with QR codes taking the reader from shorter articles in print, to longer versions online. The portrait photographer Platon shot the cover photograph of the Burmese cartoonist Harn Lay.

Carroll Bogert, deputy executive director of Human Rights Watch said

Quoting Carroll Bogert begins It was an honor to work with such towering figures in the world of magazine design. They pushed us to present the material in a way that didn’t feel like a traditional human rights publication Quoting Carroll Bogert ends

Milton Glaser and Walter Bernard have worked together under WBMG since 1982. They have designed over 100 magazines and newspapers in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Bernard commented:

Quoting  begins Human Rights Watch is a strong advocate for writers, journalists, and artists around the world! We hope this unconventional publication helps to highlight the courage needed to report on injustice. Quoting  ends

The print magazine was distributed this May, via the PEN World Voices Festival in New York, and to media contacts and other supporters of Human Rights Watch. It will be available online at

Milton Glaser said

Quoting Milton Glaser begins We’ve worked for bigger clients, but never more significant ones Quoting Milton Glaser ends

Contributors to the magazine include the National Book Award winner Evan Osnos; the writer and PEN American Center president Andrew Solomon; New Yorker writers Philip Gourevitch and Jon Lee Anderson; the cartoonist Jules Feiffer; free expression advocate Jeri Laber; and the former New York Times Tehran correspondent Nazila Fathi.


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fred_c_125 Milton Glaser often says, "Good design is good citizenship." As I've always preached, it is one of the solemn duties of graphic designers to contribute to society. Steven Heller first wrote about it in 2003, with his landmark book "Citizen Designer". HUMAN magazine is another of those landmark moments in graphic design that should be celebrated, and studied by all!
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