YOLO 2011 Color Predictions

by Fred Showker

Color predictions for the yearHave you ever actually tried to match inks, paints, color swatches, and chips across multiple media -- like paper and the web? Take a look at Yolo's color predictions for some juicy inspiration

I'm pleased to see the paint companies beginning to get more technology savvy. After having gone through the rennovation and revitalization of the Harrisonburg children's museum, and it's all new facility, I realize how difficult it is to communicate color between professionals. Through the process it became painfully clear that making the leap from a color chip to printed material, and web site matching just cannot be done effectively.

YOLO Color, posted their 2011 Color Predictions to FaceBook recently, and my curiosity got the best of me. BEHR has also joined the connected world with their new ColorSmart Mobile software for iPhone. All of this just makes it easier for designers to visualize and propose color palettes ... and then put them into use in the real world.

So, to quench my own thirst for color understanding, I've done some research and added to this color file some HEX and CYMK designations that are as close as I can possibly get them. This is the way I like to set up and view my specialty palettes. The background color always has an affect.

First, here's the shot above, but NOT optimised for lossy web viewing.
2011_colors_full.jpg 392K
2011_color_256.gif as a 256 GIF file
2011_color_on_white.png pure colors on white
2011_color_on_gray.png pure colors on gray card
2011_color_compare.png four cards for comparison

Thanks to YOLO Color for their work on this, and for the 2011 color selections starter! You can find them at
Color palettes.
YOLO Colorhouse on Facebook

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Fred Showker

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