Graphite v9 may be the AutoCad killer you've been looking for

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 Ashlar-Vellum Releases Graphite v9 Beta I've heard a lot of moaning and groaning that there are no decent AutoCAD-compatible programs for the Macintosh. But now Ashlar-Vellum is showing a pretty good release of Graphite version 9, their 2D/3D wireframe drafting program on both Mac and Windows. Graphite v9 precision CAD software includes a number of enhancements and new features.

Graphite v9 includes an updated user interface with optionally larger text and new, easy to read icons, tool tips with click-through hyperlinks to documentation. New features include a general function tool palette, a new Stretch tool and Copy Item by Path tool. Enhancements have also been added to import/export functions including adding the latest DXF/DWG support, 2D PDF import and enhanced PDF exports. Now based on a Unicode core, Graphite v9 supports multiple foreign languages and alphabets for both the user interface and drawing document.

drafting and dimensioned drawings

Ashlar-Vellum president, Robert Bou, commented,

Quoting  begins Graphite is still the quickest way from thought to production. Now with the new v9 interface we anticipate that the average self-learning time for a new user, with no previous CAD experience, will be less than three hours. Quoting  ends

Packaging design

Graphite v9 is a paid upgrade for those using Graphite v8 or for Cobalt and Xenon v8 users with a companion license to Graphite. Upgrades are available from previous versions from the past 10 years, with prices varying according to the age of the software. Category: Graphics & Design, Photography, Art, Video

Ashlar-Vellum:  Graphite 9 Ashlar-Vellum: Graphite 9
Vellum:  Graphite 9:  Model Gallery Vellum: Graphite 9: Model Gallery
Download Graphite 9 Trial Download Graphite 9 Trial

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