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by Staff

Imagerie featuring layers Here's a unique new image editor built for Mac OS X -- designed for the most daily tasks, Imagerie was built with a very modern core engine featuring layers management, vector tools, gradient editor and an innovative history navigator.

They have not written Imagerie to have another Photoshop or competitor clone. They had the other 80 percent of our daily image editing tasks in mind. Like enhancing, cropping and exporting a picture for a weblog entry, an article or a presentation and how this basic and time consuming tasks could be improved and simplified.

They built Imagerie to have a quick and easy-to-use image editing application for everyday use. You don't have to be a professional image editor to use it.

First of all, speed matters. They built a very modern engine ready to manage a lot of pictures and powertul tools. Because of this modern core, you can now add new features very quickly. Version 1.0 is just the beginning!

Second - all tasks need to be as easy to perform as possible. Imagerie is especially made to be flexible, very speedy and clear while doing common editing. No complex windows or hidden features. Everything is simple and clear.

And third - only because editing becomes a no-brainer with Imagerie, this doesn't mean the results are ordinary. Quiet the opposite is true. With Imagerie everyone can come up with world-class results in a blink.

In these times everyone needs to edit an image from time to time. You have to edit it quickly for a blog entry, a presentation or your grand-ma, who learned to send emails.

Nobody needs Photoshop for these kinds of tasks. And nobody should take an evening course to learn how to do it. Definitely nobody has to use underdone or very limited tools, just because they pretend to be easy to use. That's because Imagerie is here!

Imagerie makes it truly easy and speedy for everyone to edit an image. Its features range from basic and effective pimp-up to high-class filters for sophisticated stuff. The better your graphics card, the faster Imagerie polishes your image or applies a filter. This is due to the fact that a fast graphics card handles all the calculations. The technology used is called Core Image.

Key features:
* Modern and intuitive interface
* Layers management
* Open, edit, export, save almost any image
* RAW image support
* Drag-and-drop everywhere
* Quickly add annotations
* Unlimited undo
* Innovative History navigator
* Sophisticated quick edit tools
* Simple image resizing
* Vector tools integrated
* Fast export for web with FTP option
* High class filters built right in (HDR, Lomo etc.)
* Optimized for speed
* Quick reset
* High class enhancement tools with presets
* 64bit power
* Uses Core Image
* Powerful gradient editor
* Lots of more nifty features

System Requirements: Imagerie 1.0 requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. It's available in English only.

Pricing and Availability: Imagerie is available for 29 Euros only (around $38 USD) until end of March. It's a special introductory price. Updates are always free for lifetime. Imagerie is also coming soon to the Mac App Store

app4mac: Imagerie 1.0 app4mac: Imagerie 1.0
Download Imagerie: Imagerie.dmg Download Imagerie: Imagerie.dmg

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