DESIGNERS sandbox for Logo Design, free to experiment and create

by News Department
Here's a discovery that could not only eliminate the need for a lengthy design process, but could also provide unlimited experimentation with a well implemented design engine. logobee_templates_1.jpg Create a creative logo design without cost! We looked at the first several hundred of over 3000 logo designs set up for use immediately or as practice experimentation. One of the leading design companies LogoBee has engineered this innovative, customizable logo design engine with a ton of templates logobee_templates_2.jpg From the huge variety of logo design templates readily available for your selection you can experiment and develop from single letter, corporate, or all the way up to highly detailed illustrations. It is an easy to use system allows you to add any custom text for your logo, change font, edit colors, size, layout, tweak elements of the image. logobee_templates_samp.jpg You can save multiple instances of your logo and download the PNG file absolutely FREE of charge. This is huge, considering all close competitors will charge either a monthly fee or a fee for downloading a file. The collection is growing daily. This is a very advanced editing system that feels like a professional design software in easy to use environment. You can create your original logo in minutes. Give it a try! The LogoBee Logo Design Templates Collection

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