Black History Month 2014 Design Center special

by Fred Showker

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Black History Month clip art

DTG Magazine Celebrates Black History Month

What would Black History Month be without a little help from the world of clip art. The site offers a selection of farily okay clip art.
      This SVG file is among the best they offer
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The Rosa Parks Coloring & Songs Page

DTG Magazine Celebrates Black History Month

I always enjoy coloring pages, and there are millions online. This is a fresh find and fairly good art.
      Here’s a Black History Month Rosa Parks coloring page and Celebration Song for kids!! Coloring helps children strengthen fine motor skills, which makes this a really good activity for preschool and kindergarten children.
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Real Black History Month - Malcolm X: Evidence of US Intelligence Assassination

DTG Magazine Celebrates Black History Month

With February celebrated as Black History Month, the life and death of black leader Malcolm X, aka El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, deserves a new examination. Malcolm X died from assassins’ bullets on February 21, 1965, at the age of 39. By that time, Malcolm X had started a non-religious activist group that worked with Martin Luther King, Jr, and collaborated with African presidents.
      His legacy inspired many activist organizations. U.S. Intelligence used similar tactics and personnel to target him as they used against MLK, the Black Panthers, and others.

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