Color Therapy : 40 Excellent coloring pages to color your way to good health!

by Fred Showker


Color your way to good health LITTLE DID I KNOW over the past several years of evangelizing coloring books for kids, I was scooping in a thoroughly adult market -- with a cause, even! Spiked has posted an article about the trend toward "infantilising" -- and we're also told that the popularisation of the idea of wellbeing is itself culturally significant. Okay . . . so color on! Spike writes :

Quoting  begins The adult colouring-book industry is a spin-off of the marketisation of wellbeing and mindfulness. In an era when therapy culture dominates the Western imagination, the transformation of the childish hobby of colouring-in into a worthy adult pursuit has been made possible by its association with some mental-health benefits. In a world where ‘mindfulness’ is successfully marketed as a panacea for the existential problems of humanity, it isn’t surprising that colouring books are sold as a remedy for stress. Quoting  ends

Here are two recent articles about the adult coloring phenomenon taking the world by storm! As a bonus, I've supplied nearly 40 excellent sheets to get you started, from very simple beginners to extraordinarily complex background. Get inspired. Get coloring. Get healthy . . .

Dust off your crayons: Adult coloring books are here

coloring books for adults

While browsing Amazon’s bestseller list, you might have noticed something out of the ordinary: Seven of the books in the top 20 are coloring books. Adult coloring books, far removed from the ones you scribbled in as a child.
      Billed as stress-relief tools, they’re gorgeous and sophisticated—you’ll find intricate gardens, labyrinthine cityscapes, mandalas, and patterned woodland critters. Coloring books might also be a reaction to a screen-weary culture, hungry for a tactile experience.
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Yahoo's Lifestyles surrounded with spam, coloring too!

coloring books for adults

Amongst all the screen spam and stalker links you'll find an interesting read -- Yahoo's take on the adult coloring phenomenon . . . they ask "Why are so many adults taking crayon to paper?" and further :
      The current colouring-book craze was ignited in 2013, when Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford published “Secret Garden.” The seemingly obscure offering had an initial printing of 16,000, but has since exploded into a runaway international bestseller, selling nearly 6 million copies — almost 4 million in the past five months alone, according to Debra Matsumoto, marketing manager at Laurence King publishers.
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Hey, don't take my word for it, dig in to these books, and enjoy coloring any of nearly 40 excellent coloring sheets from simple to complex!

Get started on your coloring therapy today!

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