Creative Tidbits #230: Classic Fonts Poster, Comic Sans replacement, 404 and more!

by Fred Showker

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Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration Of course we always like to watch the masters, and see what they are up to -- so I saw this Steven Heller piece and had to pass it along. The guys at Pushpin Studios have been at the top of the game for fifty years and we can all learn a lesson or two from them. We also mix it up a bit in this episode with a good fonts item and an essential web design resource. Have fun!

  • Philip Trautmann creates Fonts out of Passion.
  • How to design 404 pages for your web site
  • Alphabets to Go? Analog to digital?

Alphabets to Go? Analog to digital?

Creative inspiration

Yes, back in the day, the typesetting or lettering professional had a real challenge bringing in new clients. Most of the time, the printer would do it all as part of the job! Since we operated in the back woods of Virginia, there were no other typesetters other than the printers. So in order to have leading edge typography, we purchased headline, phototype and typesetting equipment to design and deliver our own type. Steven Heller points out one really ingenious way to promote typography services back in the day ... he writes :
      Today we have Amazon, Blue Apron and Grubhub, among the hundreds of sign-on, click-on and receive-on-the-same-day services for just about any commodity. In the 1960s, take-out required a little more effort. But typefaces were just a phone call away and Photolettering Inc., at Murry Hill 2-2346, could accept your order at 9 a.m. and by 3 p.m. deliver the typography to your door, ready for paste-up.
Creative inspiration Steven Heller for Print Magazine
creative tidbits See the colorful poster everyone in the biz wanted!

Philip Trautmann creates Fonts out of Passion.

Creative inspiration

We're always on the lookout for a good hand marker font. And, you know what? I'm not one of those snotty designers who bashes Comic Sans! There's a place for everything in this universe. But the font 'Cinema' is fresh and by far better than commic sans! Check out all of PHil's fonts!
      phitradesign fonts was founded by Philip Trautmann in early 2016 and later joined by Christoph Dörre. We are passionate about typography and our goal is to create unique typefaces for everyone. Join the many companies that already use our fonts and get to know the faces behind the type foundry from Germany. (NOTE: Take your time, for us, this was one of the slowest loading sites I've seen in a long time!)
Creative inspiration PD Fonts presents the FREE FONT 'Cinema'
Cinema FREE FONT Download 'Cinema' here

How to design 404 pages for your web site

Creative inspiration

Urgh, a 404 page! No one likes that, right? If you own and operate a web site for more than a couple of years, you'll have 404 pages! In fact, Google generates various versions of your pages for some reason, and ALL of those are dead. We've been online since 1990, and have nearly 70,000 links in the site which lead to other sites or resources. Guess what: today's web people have long forgotten the number one cardinal rule : "Never let a URL go dead!" And while sites of long standing, like the Design Center, strive to keep their pages alive and of value, hundreds of thousands of web designers think nothing about burning all their link bridges just for a new look. When Google forced everyone to move into a mobile site layout, they intentionally killed all the links the sites had previously established. So, hundreds of millions of links went dead the moment the new WordPress, Joomla or Drupal sites were launched. To us, integrity is more important than homage to Google.
      Unfortunately several of our sister sites have been hacked, or taken down for various reasons, and alas there are thousands of 404 links in our site as well. It would take a staff of four about five years to correct them all. So the next best thing is to FIX your 404 page! Cassandra Naji will help you get started with :
      404 error pages don’t need to be a total UX nightmare. When designed to delight and direct users, 404 pages can transform from sources of frustration to opportunities for conversion and branding. Good UI design, a focus on user experience and a little human empathy can go a long way towards improving 404 page design.
Creative inspiration Cassandra Naji -- Just In Mind dot com
creative tidbits see more . . . AIRBNB 404 page

And you can use these checkers to see your own site :
GO The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler
GO This link checker will locate and check all links on a given page.

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