Graphic Novel: The private beach of sexy and cynical Trudy Honeyvan!

by Fred Showker


private_beach_m Everyday life takes on touches of the bizarre in these tales of sexy and cynical Trudy Honeyvan and her circle of twenty-something friends. From oddball coincidences to occasional UFO sightings to an ominously cryptic message from a Magic 8 Ball, Trudy's world is becoming increasingly weird — right up to the point when a pair of mysterious men in black ask her to "lend ambiance" to a nightclub called Heaven's Rift.

Friction magazine says :

Quoting  begins Quirky, edgy, and immediately likeable … [an] enjoyable blend of humor, suspense, and social commentary. Quoting  ends

These entertainingly dark stories were nominated for Eisner and Harvey Awards. Combining elements of science-fiction adventure, political satire, and soap opera, the series was described by as

Quoting  begins "slice-of-life stories in a universe David Lynch fans would recognize." Quoting  ends

This collection reprints the original seven issues and adds a brand-new 30-page conclusion by series creator David Hahn — the finale to Trudy's cliff-hanger encounter with a cult and a resolution that fans have awaited for fifteen years. Also included is a new Foreword by Jeff Parker, author of X-Men: First Class.

Click excerpt to read the full introduction by David Hahn

Nicola Mansfield, of "Good Read" rated it five stars:

Quoting  begins A brilliant, totally engaging story. Three twenty-somethings, two of whom are sisters, and their male sidekick go through life until a fantastical twist ending takes the story beyond the realms of realistic fiction. Set up in chapters which could stand-alone as shorts they are eventually all connected and tell a slice-of-life tale. These girls are very quirky characters and 100% not politically correct in their topics of conversation. They do and say surprising things which a reader has to admit that they've thought or said themselves at some time. Quoting  ends

Suggested for mature readers.

GO Private Beach by David Jerome Hahn
GO Foreword by Jeff Parker, author of X-Men: First Class.

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I think you'll agree, there's a ton of work involved in these books, and the stories are always entertaining.

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