Illustrator vector cupcakes and muffins!

by Ainsley Bevis

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Put A Cherry on Top

9. Using the Ellipse Tool, draw a circle while holding down the Shift Key and set the gradient to below. Using the Direct Selection Tool, click on the top anchor point to select it, click on it again and drag it down to create a cherry shape.

create the cherry using shapes and gradients

10. Select the cherry with the Selection tool and place it on the cupcake. Draw a circle over the cherry with the gradient settings below for a light effect.

gradients shade the cherry

11. With the Ellipse Tool draw the top of the cherry. Next using the Pen Tool draw the cherry stalk with the green gradient below.

use gradients to give styling to objects

cut out a shape of icing to hide part of the cherry 12. Using the shape colour as the frosting, draw over the bottom part of the cherry. While holding down the Shift Key, select the frosting lines that are hidden under the frosting area, right click Arrange > Bring to Front.

shapes set blending on cover 13. Top finish off the Cupcake Cup, draw the shapes below using the Pen Tool & the colour Black. While holding down the Shift Key, select the shapes and set the Blending Mode to Soft Light and the Opacity to 35%.

14. For the shadow, draw a think oval shape using the Ellipse Tool, right click and Arrange to Back. With the shape selected go into Effect > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

finish with blurred shadow

All finished! Experiment with different coloured Cupcakes and enjoy!

the final multi color

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