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Vintage Greeting Cards offer rich design inspiration Day of the DeadEach year we look at some of the most fun and most beneficial finds out there for both inspiration and for idea-starters for graphic designers. Here's an entire collection of images surrounding "Day of the Dead" celebrations. I think you'll have a lot of fun with : clip art illustration fun Photoshop Brushes, clip art illustration fun vector files, clip art illustration fun clip art, clip art illustration fun drawings, and clip art illustration fun fun coloring pages!
      Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday observed throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. (more)

Day of the Dead Iron-On Transfer PatternsFonts, type and calligraphy

This original collection features elaborately decorated skulls, dancing skeletons, and other charmingly macabre images from Mexican folklore.
      Decorate pillows, jackets, placemats, handbags, and other clothing as well as accessories and homewares with more than 40 classic Day of the Dead motifs, all of them new interpretations of traditional designs.
Photoshop Madness type and lettering Full story :Day of the Dead Iron-On Transfer Patterns (Dover Iron-On Transfer Patterns)

Day of the Dead Clip ArtFonts, type and calligraphy

Fast-forward to the fun part of machine embroidery with this playful collection of skulls and skeletons associated with Day of the Dead festivities. Eliminate the time-consuming efforts of finding and copying patterns from elsewhere with the 88 motifs in this CD-ROM and book set, which are optimized for embroidery digitizing software. Use your creativity to personalize each design by selecting size, colors, stitch types, and other elements. The book offers a visual index of the designs, showing each one in black-and-white and in different color combinations. Each design is offered on the CD-ROM in both JPG and EPS formats.
      Compatible with all major brands of embroidery software, these meticulously processed digital files assure accurate, self-contained stitch patterns. The suggested motif colorways are specified for threads made by Isacord; color conversion tables for other manufacturers can be accessed on the CD-ROM. The files can also be used in print and web projects.
Photoshop Madness type and lettering Full story :Day of the Dead Clip Art for Machine Embroidery (Dover Clip Art Embroidery) Paperback – August 17, 2011by Alan Weller (Aut

The Day of the Dead: A Pictorial ArchiveFonts, type and calligraphy

Calaveras — grotesque yet lively images of costumed skeletons — represent a traditional aspect of the Mexican holiday known as the Day of the Dead, when people celebrate the memories of departed loved ones. This compilation of 187 multi-character prints and spot illustrations was drawn from a variety of authentic sources, including many works by José Guadalupe Posada (1852–1913), Mexico's most illustrious graphic artist. Posada took the calaveras custom to new heights, transforming the cavorting skeletons into imaginative expressions of social and political satire.
      A century later, these striking drawings, engravings, and etchings continue to pulse with vitality, offering modern designers a timeless source of royalty-free art. In addition to the book's lavish selection of illustrations, a bonus CD-ROM features all of the print images in JPEG and TIFF formats.
Photoshop Madness type and lettering Full story :Dover Pictorial Archive : The Day of the Dead: A Pictorial Archive of Dia de Los Muertos by Jean Moss (Author)

Photoshop Brushes & Creative Tools: Day of the Dead MotifsFonts, type and calligraphy

Created for use with the popular Photoshop and Photoshop Elements software programs, 130 large, finely detailed brushes and 40 custom shapes offer skulls, skeletons, and other images associated with a holiday that celebrates the human connection with the souls of the departed. Additional features include 20 texture brushes, 20 custom styles, an inspiring design gallery, and helpful tutorials.
      The enclosed CD-ROM features a robust selection of design tools including: Brushes: it's easy to create photographic and painterly effects as well as "rubber stamps"; Shapes: a quick way to add customizable vector shapes to your Photoshop compositions; and Styles: ready-to-use shadows, glows, bevels, color overlays, and other effects for the featured shapes. The Book includes an index of all custom brushes and shapes, instructions for loading and use, and a gallery of designs.
Photoshop Madness type and lettering Full story :Photoshop Brushes & Creative Tools: Day of the Dead Motifs - Clip Art by Alan Weller (Dover)

Day of the Dead Coloring Book Fonts, type and calligraphy

The Day of the Dead, observed annually on November 1 and 2, offers the living a chance to remember and honor their departed friends and family. Inspired by the Mexican holiday, 31 intricate illustrations depict dancing skeletons, skulls, and other traditional imagery, all festooned with flowers, butterflies, and additional lively decorations.
      Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, Day of the Dead and other Creative Haven coloring books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment.
Photoshop Madness type and lettering Full story :Day of the Dead Coloring Book (Creative Haven Coloring Books) by Marty Noble

These are all from Dover, and so low cost, you almost cannot afford not to get them -- specially now that they're all on CD! Enjoy! Full size samples from these books ... (click images for enlargement / slideshow)

brushes_00 brushes_01 brushes_02 brushes_03
brushes_00.jpg brushes_01.jpg brushes_02.jpg brushes_03.jpg
brushes_04 brushes_05 clip_art_emb_00 clip_art_emb_02
brushes_04.jpg brushes_05.jpg clip_art_emb_00.jpg clip_art_emb_02.jpg
clip_art_emb_03 clip_art_emb_04 clip_art_emb_05 clip_art_emb_06
clip_art_emb_03.jpg clip_art_emb_04.jpg clip_art_emb_05.jpg clip_art_emb_06.jpg
clip_art_emb_07 clip_art_emb_08 clip_art_emb_09 clip_art_emb_10
clip_art_emb_07.jpg clip_art_emb_08.jpg clip_art_emb_09.jpg clip_art_emb_10.jpg
coloring_00 coloring_01 coloring_03 coloring_04
coloring_00.jpg coloring_01.jpg coloring_03.jpg coloring_04.jpg
coloring_05 coloring_06 coloring_07 dolls_00
coloring_05.jpg coloring_06.jpg coloring_07.jpg dolls_00.jpg
dolls_01 dolls_03 dolls_04 dolls_05
dolls_01.jpg dolls_03.jpg dolls_04.jpg dolls_05.jpg
dolls_06 pictorials_00 pictorials_01 pictorials_02
dolls_06.jpg pictorials_00.jpg pictorials_01.jpg pictorials_02.jpg
pictorials_03 pictorials_04 pictorials_05 tattoos_a
pictorials_03.jpg pictorials_04.jpg pictorials_05.jpg tattoos_a.jpg
tattoos_s transfers_00 transfers_02 transfers_03
tattoos_s.jpg transfers_00.jpg transfers_02.jpg transfers_03.jpg
transfers_04 transfers_05   
transfers_04.jpg transfers_05.jpg

There's nothing better than getting inspired to create a new design -- and these vintage cards offer lots of inspiration in color, layout, image and typography. Don't forget ... we encourage you to share your discoveries with other readers. Just send and email, contribute your own article

GO SEE: Vintage Holiday Greeting Cards copyright free clip art ideas and inspiration on CD-ROM!

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