Online Social Media Update : Get your online strategy into high gear for the new year

by Fred Showker

Online social media update from DTG Magazine Here we go ... another year, another opportunity to strike bigger numbers. This time of year means even more online social activity -- the holidays will soon be over and it's really cold for the northern hemisphere. Look at the numbers for Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIN and even Google+ and you'll see record-breaking traffic stats. So during the upcoming lull, get ramped up for spring!

  • 5 Ways to Use Pictures to Tell Visual Stories With Social Media
  • The Complete Social Media Spring Cleaning Checklist
  • Is It Possible to Measure Social Media ROI?
  • The Social Life of the App-Addicted Teen
  • Twitter embraces its data and buys Gnip
  • 3 tips for using Facebook hashtags
  • ... and the continuing world of social media and networking

5 Ways to Use Pictures to Tell Visual Stories With Social Media

Are you sharing your stories with your fans? Do you use pictures in your social marketing? People want pictures in their social channels. When done right, these pictures become visual stories.
      In this article, I'll show you how five brands are using pictures to share their stories and why that's important.
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The Complete Social Media Spring Cleaning Checklist

It's that time of year again. The snow and ice are thawing in most places, and the greenery is returning. It's a time of new beginnings. A fresh start.
Use this seasonal motivation to get organized and bring some order to your brands' social media.
      1. Revisit Goals and Assess Performance
2. Audit Current Accounts
3. Explore New Options
4. Make Maintenance Part of the Regular Routine
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Is It Possible to Measure Social Media ROI?

Spending on social media marketing continues to grow, but what are the metrics that could be measured and should they be benchmarked against return on investment (ROI)? Businesses of all shapes and sizes have bought into the idea of social media marketing. With an estimated 1.7 billion users worldwide, the rise of the social media has provided commercial enterprises with a new and unique way to engage with existing and potential new customers.
      When it comes to actually quantifying the benefits however, there's still a lot of corporate head scratching going on. A recent survey of chief marketing officers found that nearly half (49 percent) said they weren't able to quantify whether social media had made a difference to their companies, while 36 percent said they had a good sense of qualitative – though not quantitative – results. Only 15 percent said they had seen a proven quantitative impact.
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The Social Life of the App-Addicted Teen

Amy Williams is a mother and former social worker, committed to spreading the word about positive parenting techniques and new technologies. writes :
      Rise and shine—and check your smartphone? That would have sounded foreign to most people 10 years ago, but it's now the natural course of action after shutting off your alarm. Moreover, it's not just adults who can't start their day without first checking their phone. It's teenagers, too. Of the 95% of teens in the United States who have Internet access, 78% have smartphones. Those smartphones are jam-packed with apps, including for Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Spotify. Even texting, the most basic use for a smartphone, is being replaced by messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Kik Messenger.
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Twitter embraces its data and buys Gnip

Twitter has acquired Gnip, the Boulder, Colo.-based startup that specializes in giving users access to data from the Twitter firehose. Gnip is one of a handful of companies with full access to the stream of activity from Twitter, which has garnered it a lot of knowledge about how to deal with such immense data volumes and deliver it as a product to businesses. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed
      For Twitter, buying Gnip (which also provides data on more than a dozen other social media platforms, including Tumblr and Foursquare) means it can provide users with the type of data they've always wanted, but that Twitter never seemed too keen on delivering. Rather than providing arbitrary stats about tweets per minute or trending topics around entertainment events,
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3 tips for using Facebook hashtags

Hashtags have been on Facebook for nearly a year now, so it is important to understand the right way to use them. But before you can use them for your business, you should know how they work.
      Hashtags are created when you type a word or phrase (without spaces) after a pound sign (#). The pound sign is referred to as a hashtag when used online through social media. By adding "#" to a word or phrase, you are making it a searchable link. Readers can click the link and see who else is talking about that specific topic.
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