101 Photoshop Tutorials: From Competent to Magnificent; basics; masks; retouching

by Brenda Barron

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Getting to Know the Editing Tools

Brenda BarronThis section contains tutorials that can help you gain proficiency with Photoshop. Once you are familiar with the settings and tool options, or as the famous recording artist Beck might say, "All the rules you choose to get loose" -- you can really get creative.

11. Change the Perspective of an Image with Warp

You may want to warp an image to change its perspective for a number of reasons.

12. All About Brushes

Get tips on using brushes, brush settings, custom brushes, shortcuts, and more.

13. Getting a Grip on the Pen Tool

The Pen Tool is an essential tool for drawing, and creating paths. Learn how to get a grip on it here.

14. Erase Backgrounds Fast

The Background Eraser is one of the best tools to remove unwanted areas of an image. It is especially useful for tight spaces around complex shapes.

15. How to Use the Clone Stamp Tool

The clone stamp tool is quite versatile. This tutorial gives a basic overview of the tool along with a practice file to play with.

16. Make Similar Pixels Transparent

You can use the Magic Eraser tool to change similar pixels to transparent to remove unwanted background areas.

17. Auto Erase with the Pencil Tool

You can automatically erase unwanted backgrounds with the pencil tool. Learn how and when you should use it.

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The Selection Process: Marquee, Wand, Quick and Color

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